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How to Forward your old Gmail account to


How to Forward Your Old Gmail to Your New Account

Forwarding (verb)

  1. Send (a letter or e-mail) on to a further destination: "a forwarding address".

If you have one or more gmail accounts, it is recommended to consolidate these addresses to your new ministry account.  Several have mentioned that they have well established gmail accounts or accounts from school/seminary that  also rely on Gmail.  Use these following 10 steps to forward your old email addresses to your new while still keeping them!

1) Begin by going to and logging into your old gmail account.

Forwarding Gmail Step 1 

2) After login, click on your account icon or email address in the right upper corner of your gmail inbox and click on Settings.


Forwarding Gmail Step 2

3) Click the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.

Forwarding Gmail Step 3

4) Click the Add a forwarding address button.

Forwarding Gmail Step 4

5) Type in your primary (full) email address in the email address field and click Next. Your address should look like the example

Forwarding Gmail Step 5

6) Ensure that you typed your email address correctly and then click on Proceed.

Forwarding Gmail Step 6

7) Click OK to receive an email address at your email account that contains your confirmation code.  Email will not be forwarded until you have entered the confirmation code.

Forwarding Gmail Step 7

8) Check your email.  In the subject line and in the body of the email, you will see a numerical confirmation code.  NOTE:  If you are not logged into both and accounts, you will need to sign out and sign into your account, get the confirmation code and then sign back into your @gmail account.

Forwarding Gmail Step 8

9) )Once you have the confirmation code, return to the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab and key in the confirmation code in the text box next to the address.  Click the Verify button.  If you keyed the correct confirmation code, you will be able to begin forwarding your email.  If you never received the confirmation code email, you may click Re-send to the right of the Verify button.

Forwarding Gmail Step 9

10) After verification, click the button next to Forward a copy of incoming mail to.  Ensure that the address is listed.  You can only forward to one address per gmail account.  It is recommended to use the default keep Gmail's copy in the Inbox option.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Save button.

Forwarding Gmail Step 10

Remember to click on the Save Changes button.  Email inbound for your old address will now arrive at your inbox.


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